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We view the ability to create  jewelry and operate business as a gift that’s been given to us. Our mission is to steward this gift well and share its profit by giving to others.

For every item you purchase, we’ll give $5 to a cause of your choice that provides a basic need for someone.



Habitual Threads is a handcrafted jewelry line—

thoughtfully designed, bold, & one of a kind, like the lives of the women who wear them.


VISIONARY (adj.) ˈviZHəˌnerē/

(especially of a person)
thinking about or planning the future (& present)
with imagination and wisdom.


Our inspiration comes from the lives of Visionary Women:

They know that their tender heart is what makes them strong. Time is their most valuable resource, but rather than letting it speed up their days, they embrace each moment. They are the ones who have the ability to think big—beyond themselves—while delighting in the little things, like a savored cup of coffee at any time of day. When it comes to their wardrobe and home, a simple and subtle aesthetic reigns alongside a love for statement details and shapes. Their lives are marked by a certain freedom, which empowers them to thrive and, unapologetically, flourish.



I'm Haley,

it's nice to meet you.

(I design and create for Habitual Threads.)

I'm married to my favorite guy in the world—his name's Luke. In May of 2018, we returned to our home state of California for a military assignment with the Air Force, after living in Philadelphia for four years. We love rediscovering the places we took for granted having been born and raised here and we are so grateful to be a short drive from our families now. I consume coffee from the minute I wake up to the time it's acceptable to mix a cocktail (gin + bubbly something, please). I enjoy beautiful things, scenes, and moments, and I value what's often unseen, deep, and thoughtful. 

While a series of life events led me to the creation of the first necklace, Habitual Threads officially began in October 2016 through the launch of the web shop. The name “Habitual Threads” was inspired by the contribution I hope to make to the lives and styles of visionary women. “Habitual” means commonly used by a particular person, and “threads” is the medium of choice you’ll see present throughout most designs.

We all have our own styles and unique experiences that shape who we are, who we are becoming, and what's meaningful to us. Each purchase benefits an organization—of your choice—that addresses an important cause and provides a basic need for someone. 

I hope these causes resonate with you, that our brand brings inspiration, and that a design or two makes its way into your daily wardrobe!