Past, Present, Future

(Cheers, because we are in business!!!)

Welcome to Habitual Threads’ blog! My name is Haley Vera and this is a place for the story of HT to live and grow. Here’s a little past, present, and future summary for me and HT that's relevant to today's launch. 

PAST: While I always imagined designing clothing straight out of college,  a different set of opportunities and circumstances came my way. One thing that has remained constant is my desire to contribute to a woman’s wardrobe. Dressing is an art no matter your personal style and I believe there’s a lot of ways this jewelry can add to what you have. I love making these necklaces, I love wearing them, and eventually, I hope you will too. 

PRESENT: My hope is to share inspirations and experiences as I create these necklaces. This website is a place where all my interests collide! I love it all- creating the necklaces with my hands, strategizing logistics, merchandising the website, styling the necklaces, photographing the new stuff- all while sipping a cup of coffee or a cocktail in the comfort of my little home! 

FUTURE: An online shop for Habitual Threads makes the most sense for me for a couple reasons. After living our entire lives in California, we uprooted everything after we got married and moved to Pennsylvania for Luke to go to dental school in Philadelphia. He has a scholarship through the Air Force and we may not have a choice of where to live the four years after he graduates. This introvert (right hand, up!) can take HT with her to the next place, Lord willing.  

All that to say, if you’ve made it this far on the site, I’m really glad you’re here! Please bear with me through the unknowns of starting a business and please feel free to reach out to say hi or send feedback- I’d love to connect! 


Haley Vera 

Haley Vera