New Year | Old Fear

Happy, belated, New Year! I hope everyone has had a chance to rest from all the December crazy and have begun to recollect for 2017…

November and December were by far, my busiest months for Habitual Threads. I so badly wanted to journal the process of each pop up I was involved in, but time just didn’t allow for that. In November our apartment was thrashed from creating product for December. The two weeks I was in Philadelphia in December, I feel like I was always gone, delivering product and working events! 

I had 5 evenings of pop up shops in December— 4 in Philadelphia and 1 in Fresno, all of which I am so grateful to have been a part of. If you were able to make it out to any of these events, thank you. Your effort and presence to the shops was such a source of encouragement to me. Rally, Lululemon in Fishtown, and Root General — you all are amazing. Thank you for hosting such wonderful evenings. 

One of my reasons for launching an online shop was to avoid that face to face time with people while they shopped— I was honestly afraid of it. I blamed that fear (of rejection) on being introverted. The irony of it all is that I actually loved physically being there and getting to share HT in person (it was actually nice to take a break from being online)! I was so encouraged by the local makers, artists, and entrepreneurs selling alongside me and I took notes of product variations browsers wanted to see in upcoming creations. 

There’s something so satisfying about moving against fear (false evidence appearing real). I feel proud and I am welcoming more of it this new year. 

Cheers, again!


Haley Vera