Lookbook Volume 1 | Grow Where You're Planted

At the beginning of this year, I made some goals to further develop Habitual Threads as a business and brand. These resolutions included a new business model, mission, vision, and expansion to wholesale. During this season of development, creating a lookbook was important to visually accompany the strides we were taking to grow. 

So four months ago my friends and I joined forces to develop the first lookbook for Habitual Threads.  The shoot featured all of the new nylon cord necklaces and some of the beloved signature pieces. The concept for the shoot, was “grow where you’re planted” -- a symbolic phrase that rings true to our mission of taking what we’ve been given and using that to make something beautiful.


Conceptualizing the lookbook challenged me because in order to fulfill this goal of mine, I had to ask for help. As much as I like to think I can do it all, I can’t. Not only do I have a hard time facing my limitations, I also struggle with laying my visions before people at the possibility of my ideas being misunderstood, stolen, or rejected. Thankfully, I have some wonderful women in my life, my sweet friends, who lovingly encouraged me and generously gave their time, talent, and treasure to help me achieve this goal of mine. After this experience, I know we are created not being able to do it all, because it moves us toward community. We truly are better together.

All images were taken in  the headquarters and home of Habitual Threads, our studio apartment and our building’s stairwell. The place where Luke and I are planted and growing, personally and professionally for now. While I was gathering inspiration for the shoot, every picture that took my breath away had gorgeous greenery in it so I ran with that to feed my houseplant addiction! (see mood board below)

We created an actual booklet to share with customers and stockists as well as an online version to live on our website. The day of the shoot went beautifully and I couldn’t be happier with the pictures that represent Habitual Threads as we continue to grow where we’re planted. 


Happy Friday! xoxo, Haley

Haley Vera